The End of the Beginning, and the Beginning of the End

I enjoyed this interview with Zach Nelson where he says we have come to the end of the beginning of the move to cloud computing.

I also hope we are seeing the beginning of the end of a dark era of IT

a) The end of massive IT waste

The interview reminded me NetSuite, Salesforce and other cloud pioneers date back over 15 years now. In just the past 5 years, I estimated in SAP Nation its customers spent a trillion dollars. Extrapolate that by 3, and add to other on-premise environments and as an industry we have pissed away some real money, and we continue to be lulled by many of the larger vendors the old way is more “secure” and “better”

b) The end of wimpy market analysis

Zach was well behaved in this interview. He did not take many potshots at the competition. My view has been he has in the past spoken out because analysts have not done often. Shame on us. We need to do our jobs and let him do his running the company. Time for our silent conspiracy to end. Trillions have been pissed away.

c) The end of purely tech talk

It’s good to see Zach talk about commerce and merchandising. NetSuite has verticalized for retail and distribution environments.  His peers Jason Blessing at Plex and Jose Duarte at UNIT4 are similarly talking “shop floor” and “efficiency in government”. It’s time for the enterprise software world to start talking business language again not just speeds and feeds.

No doubt we are into a new era of enterprise software. My continuing series on “market churn” just provides more proof points to Zach’s theme we are in a massive, and much needed, transition.

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