So… are these the world’s best outsourcing advisors?

The IAOP has announced its 2013 “best outsourcing advisors”, and kudos to my former employer, Deloitte, for coming top.  Credit has to go out to Peter Lowes and his Outsourcing Advisory Services group for their achievement.  In addition, KPMG’s Shared Services and Advisory Group, led by Cliff Justice, finished in second place – a strong showing and justification of their 2011 acquisition of EquaTerra.

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The biggest surprises, however, are the absences of ISG (formerly TPI), the largest transaction advisor of outsourcing contracts, and PwC, one of the leading management consulting firms actively operating in the sourcing industry.  I asked both firms how they had managed to miss the “Top 20” and they simply responded that they had declined to participate.

In addition, I am still trying to figure out how a firm can call itself “Elix-IRR” (and who, exactly, is Elix-IRR?).  Am also curious how Avasant can finish third – they seem like nice guys, but are they really ahead of the likes of Alsbridge and EY?

And why does the rest of the list seem to be made up largely of law firms?  Do these guys actually advise on outsourcing, or just do the legal stuff?

Oh questions, questions, questions…

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