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Silicon Collar Cover

Silicon Collar CoverAs I have done with previous books, I will excerpt about 10% of Silicon Collar over the next several weeks in prep for the book release early September. Amazon is taking advance orders for the Kindle version here.

On New Florence, I will excerpt from the 50+ settings – in accounting firms, on the basketball court, in banks, on the battlefront, in digital agencies, in the oil patch, in RD labs, on shop floors, in wineries, in the warehouse and many more how automation – machine learning, robotics, unmanned autonomous vehicles, white collar bots, exoskeletons etc. – is changing the nature of work. That’s the “machines as our colleagues” angle of the book

On Deal Architect, I will excerpt the historical angle of the book. That looks at automation over decades – in the grocery industry, in the automobile industry, in knowledge work, in the US Postal Service among other sectors. I found “evolution, not revolution” and use that to confront the pessimism about jobless futures coming out of academics, analysts and politicians.

In the meantime, here is the Table of Contents. Enjoy the excerpts.

Silicon Collar TOC

Silicon Collar TOC



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