Report: Top 10 Ambulatory Mobile EHRs in 2014

Report: Top 10 Ambulatory Mobile EHRs in 2014

Black Book Rankings has released rankings of the top ambulatory mobile EHR applications in their latest “2014 Top Ranked Virtualized Native Mobile EHR Applications,” the most recent in a series of Black Book™ strategic industry reports focused on the health  technology market. Over 380,000 practice management and physician leaders and others users ranking from hospital executives, clinicians, IT specialists and front-line veterans were invited to participate in the 2014 annual Black Book EMR EHR e-health initiative survey 

The overall key findings include: 

–  customization, interfaces, reliability and deployment are the most important attributes influencing EMR client companies’
satisfaction with their EMR vendors for general electronic health record systems users

– Mobile EHR application buyers most frequently sought billing and revenue management solutions, coding and results
review modules.

– Office EMR vendor satisfaction is highest among larger physician groups, Hospital based (employed doctors) are most satisfied with their mobile EHR applications.

– Clients with more than 25 physicians in a single setting are significantly more satisfied with their general office EMR than
are single and small group practice (2-5, 6-25 physician group) clients.

– Strong satisfaction in the larger practice segment surged to 85.9% in 2012, while small and single practices maintained a lesser overall EMR satisfaction in 70.4% of users

– Primary care physicians, hospital based practices and mid-sized group clinics/practices were most satisfied with their
mobile EHR applications, 87% confirm collectively having a positive user experience with the product they utilized.

– Surgeons, independent practices (non-networked) and solo physicians expressed the lowest overall satisfaction with their
mobile EHR tools, collectively only 28% confirm consistently positive experiences.

Background Methodology

Over 380,000 practice management and physician leaders and other users ranking from hospital executives, clinicians, specialists and front-line implementation veterans are invited to participate in the 2014 annual Black Book EMR EHR eHealth initiative satisfaction survey. Non-invitation receiving participants must complete a verifiable profile, utilize valid corporate email address and are then included as well.

The Black Book survey web instrument is open to respondents and new participants each year from July 1 to October 31at and Only one ballot per corporate email address  is permitted and changes of ballots during the open polling period require a formal email request process to ensure integrity.

Over 23,000 qualified users of systems with validated corporate/valid email addresses ranked 509 EMR-EHR suppliers offering individual or bundled arrangements as part of the Black Book annual survey, conducted via web survey instruments. Additionally 22,000 about-to-be users answered questions about budgeting, vendor familiarity and vendor selection processes but current non-user ballots are not counted in the vendor ranking process of client satisfaction.

The four most highly utilized systems of EMR systems are included as subsets. 2,218 users evaluated the segment of mobile EHR applications, virtualized and native. 1,807 users assessed their ambulatory EHR module and 411 commented on their inpatient-related or hospital owned practice mobile EHR system

A free report is available through Dr Chrono to view/download here

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