Oracle AI: Adaptive Intelligence

As Steve Miranda previewed last week, one of the more interesting announcements this week at Oracle OpenWorld is around its Adaptive Intelligent Applications. Steve had said

“Basically, what we’re doing is leveraging our data cloud, which I know you’re familiar with (having profiled BlueKai), together with machine-learning algorithms and incorporating that into our transactional applications to derive better BI/better decision-making, and frankly, a new category of applications. The first one which we’ll launch and demo is our next best offer, next best action – essentially a recommendation engine off of our cloud commerce.”

In addition to lots of data and lots of compute power in their cloud, Oracle also believes its domain and industry apps knowledge and its “decision” science (Oracle Labs, vertical groups as in Smart Factory and IOT areas) – the 4 “pillars” position it well as machine learning grows in the enterprise space.



Some of the apps being planned in this category are

  • Smart Offers and Actions
  • Best Fit Candidates
  • Best Value Freight
  • Optimized Payment Terms

While Oracle has plenty of data to leverage for the first app, especially around consumer marketing data via BlueKai, it’s not completely clear where it will source data for other announced apps. The timing of release of the apps was also a bit unclear from the initial briefings, and I am sure there will be industry and geography cuts at many of these apps.

BTW, in my recent book, Silicon Collar about automation and impact on jobs, I point out AI has gone through 10 hype cycles since 1950 when Alan Turing defined his famous test to measure a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to that of a human.

So it is good to see a major vendor start to talk about specific use cases and put a bit more business context around the current buzz around machine learning.

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