Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis

Opinion mining can be useful in several ways. If you are in marketing, it can help you judge the success of an ad campaign or new product launch, determine which versions of a product or service are popular and even identify which demographics like or dislike particular features.

Product placement and establishment are strongly connected to the communication with your target groups. To reach your customers you need explicit knowledge about their needs and confirmed habits. This information can help you during your process of product placement and corporate positioning. Brown-Wilson opinion mining solution is a type of data processing for tracking the mood of the public about a particular product. Brown-Wilson Group builds a system to collect and examine opinions about the product made in blog posts, comments, or reviews .

We offer solutions to collect information which are necessary to get insights into your target group and to have an overview about the current market situation.

We offer our opinion mining services in the following topics:

Politics: political campaigns and election trends
Enterprises and companies: brand monitoring, customer relationship, customer feedback
Market and Finance: information about companies, rumors and trends
Latest technology insights: Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media and Marketing

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