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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Clutch Group, an organization dedicated to helping companies tackle complex legal, risk and compliance issues, is excited to announce that James Doolan has joined the company as Associate Vice President and Head of Consulting.

James Doolan comes to Clutch Group from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), where he held a number of senior positions across different groups since 2000. Most recently, James led the corporate component of RBS’ Capital Restructuring Group and, as Head of Portfolio Analytics in RBS’ Corporate Banking division, James led MI and reporting, asset selection and distribution, compliance, and portfolio management functions. Prior to these roles, James served as Programme Director for RBS’ Interest Rate Derivate investigation as well as other key positions – such as Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Risk and Operations – within RBS’ Major Corporate Banking division.

“As a former client, I witnessed Clutch’s focus on – and passion for – helping clients put their risk management front and centre through data and analytics,” says James. “I’m looking forward to harnessing my experience in risk, asset and portfolio management, and analytics to further drive Clutch’s growth and the success of its clients.”

As Head of Consulting, James will be responsible for designing and implementing enterprise-wide risk and consultancy solutions for clients in the financial services industry. With his extensive background in leading regulatory investigations, major corporate banking teams, section 166 matters with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), portfolio and data analytics functions, and capital restructuring initiatives, James will serve as the lead subject matter expert on all corporate banking issues and engagements.

“We have seen a real need for a new approach for tackling large-scale compliance and consulting initiatives within the financial services industry,” says Varun Mehta, VP of Legal Compliance Solutions at Clutch Group. “James’ deep expertise and experience, coupled with our global, analytic approach, will allow us to continue growing and delivering a new class of consultancy services for our clients.”

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