Brown-Wilson Group is a market research consultancy with deep expertise in the global outsourcing, communications, business and financial services, healthcare and technology industries. We design and implement intelligent research and deliver meaningful results that help you make business decisions with complete and total confidence.

Client/Customer-Centric Consulting Services

Brown-Wilson Group utilizes a customized methodology that captures your business process through the eyes of your customers and clients. It goes beyond traditional market research analysis to tell you how your customers see you right now and what levers you can move (and how far you need to move them) to improve your outcomes. Our custom modeling improves organizational and financial performance by helping you:

  • Identify the business outcomes (satisfaction, retention, loyalty, etc.) you want to affect.
  • Accurately measure touch points throughout the customer experience.
  • Incorporate attitudinal and transactional data that relate to actual behavior.
  • Predict how efforts across the organization combine to create customer loyalty, satisfaction and financial performance.

Segmentation Consulting

Segmentation is about focus. To attract and retain customers, companies must identify and understand their target customer and focus their brands’ positioning to deliver a unique and relevant promise. Brown-Wilson Groups segmentation studies provide focus because they identify target consumers as well as the ways in which to reach those consumers.

We can help you with customer segmentation, on the basis of satisfaction, loyalty and profitability. We also coach top marketing leaders in developing and/or implementing market segmentation strategies.

Economic Development Consulting

Brown-Wilson Group has the capability and flexibility to provide services anywhere in the world. Our global team works in close collaboration with our Strategic Affiliates—a network of firms and individuals with unmatched knowledge and experience in specific regions or disciplines.  We advise governments and private sector clients on responsible and sustainable marketing for governance and business practices. This counsel requires in-country advocates as well as access to U.S. government resources and support from federal agencies, international organizations, associations, financial institutions, and Congress.

Brown-Wilson is a global strategy firm that helps corporations, associations and non-profit organizations around the world meet their core objectives in a highly competitive, complex and ever-changing marketplace.

Brown-Wilson has worked in more than 80 countries on six continents. We understand the different languages of business, government and civil society—and of diverse countries and cultures. Protection Status