Clutch Group Unveils Audio.IQ, a Breakthrough in Audio Analytics

Clutch Group, an organization dedicated to helping companies tackle
complex legal, risk and compliance issues, today announced the launch of
Audio.IQ, an unprecedented audio analytics solution. The announcement
was made at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s
(SIFMA) Annual Legal and Compliance Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona.

Audio.IQ, managed by Clutch Group’s data analytics, discovery and
compliance teams, allows companies to efficiently process and analyze
their audio data. Unlike other audio analytic solutions that are
typically offered as static software, Audio.IQ is both a fully-managed
service and product. Existing market tools have serious volume
limitations and are often too tethered to strict phonetic-based text
rendering capabilities, making it difficult for customers to efficiently
isolate and analyze audio and to accommodate different dialects,
languages, and accents. With its dual text and audio data rendering
functionality, as well as its ability to be customized through
proprietary language models, Audio.IQ is a comprehensive and nuanced
audio analytics solution.

“Audio data is one of the largest challenges major financial services
institutions face today,” says Varun Mehta, VP at Clutch. “Regulators
continue to intensify their focus on how audio data should be preserved,
reconstructed, and analyzed, often requiring companies to analyze
hundreds of thousands of hours of audio data in short timeframes.
Without a comprehensive solution, companies are struggling to keep up.
With Audio.IQ, Clutch is offering a more complete, compliant, and
cost-efficient solution for companies looking to fully understand and
harness their audio data.”

Key highlights and differentiators of Audio.IQ include:

  • Dual Rendering: Audio.IQ captures a concurrent data stream of
    both audio and text, overlaid with rich metadata. This added
    flexibility allows for more complex searches and predictive analytics
    across enormous amounts of data.
  • Customized Language Modelling: Through proprietary algorithms
    and language models, Audio.IQ can be customized for individual
    organizations. Rather than relying on inflexible phonetic rendering,
    Audio.IQ can be programmed to find meaning in seemingly unintelligible
    industry vocabulary, regional dialects, and more.
  • Fully Managed Service: Audio.IQ is supported by a dedicated
    team that builds bespoke search and predictive models, analyzes
    results, and fine-tunes the system. From data collection to factual
    analysis, Clutch’s dedicated teams can support the entire audio
    analytics spectrum.

“We’ve tested and implemented existing market tools, and we’ve found a
meaningful gap in their technical and commercial capabilities,” says
Brandon Daniels, President at Clutch. “AudioIQ fills those gaps and is
designed to give companies an unprecedented level of insight into their
audio data. With its dual text and audio rendering capabilities, as well
as its ability to be customized with language and behavioral models,
companies can now exercise more control over how they engage with audio,
ensure compliance, and build stronger analytics approaches.”

The launch of Audio.IQ comes at a time of enormous growth for Clutch. In
the past year, the company has grown by over 100 percent, doubled its
technology footprint, and expanded its global consultant and associate
pools by over 30 percent. Clutch Group was recently recognized in the
2014 Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in
America. Clutch was also voted as a Top Legal Outsourcing Provider and a
Top Corporate Investigations Provider by the 2014 New York Law Journal
Reader Rankings. In addition, Clutch was named a Leader in the LPO
industry by NelsonHall and was chosen as an Outstanding Service Provider
in IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 List in both 2014 and 2015.

About Clutch Group

Founded in 2005 by top attorneys from leading firms and business process
pioneers, Clutch Group has grown to a team of legal, technology and
process experts in six offices across three continents. Clutch was built
from the ground up to help General Counsels more effectively manage
problems within Fortune 500 companies. Clutch combines its expertise in
harnessing technology, implementing process and focusing on fact
development to deliver risk-measured, cost-optimized solutions for
clients. Clutch Group has been consistently ranked as a top provider by
industry research as well as client satisfaction since its inception and
has been recognized by industry authorities including Nelson Hall, the
New York Law Journal, the International Association of Outsourcing
Professionals (IAOP), Chambers Global, Frost Sullivan, the Black Book
of Outsourcing, and Dun Bradstreet. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Clutch Group

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