Behavioral Economics

Brown-Wilson Group’s interest and expertise lie in an emerging and as-yet under-populated field known as applied economic psychology or applied behavioral economics. In our work, we bring an abiding interest in understanding what makes people do the things they do, together with a track record of devising creative, practical solutions that honor the past, engage the present, and invite the future. In our experience, this is a powerful and startlingly effective combination.

Behavioral Economics identifies and applies behavioral and psychological aspects of customer choice. It is increasingly visible in marketing services because of their efforts to change behavior and understand the thoughts and needs of the client and customer. In order to change behavior, we need not focus on how we feel people should behave (economics), rather we need to consider how people really behave. Brown-Wilson Group is the recognized leader in behavioral economics analysis for over a quarter of the Fortune 500.

At Brown-Wilson we take the scientific discipline of behavioral economics and apply them to management and business problems. We have tested tools and methods to measure and manage both the rational and irrational elements of human nature to drive business success. Our solutions show how understanding customer and employee behaviors can create business growth and prosperity. Protection Status